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Data Liability Insurance

Businesses using digital platforms to store customer data are at risk of cyber threats. These private information collected online are the target of cyber criminals and when it falls to the wrong hands, your business may fail.

Secure your information assets against cyber attacks and data breaches with Cocogen Data Liability Insurance.

Data Liability Insurance is a third party liability insurance designed to protect business owners against costs and expenses caused by data breaches that compromise the security or privacy of data.

What is covered?

Legal Costs
Lawsuits against the business owner (Insured) due to:
Violation of duty to maintain security or confidentiality of personal data.
Infringement of any right to privacy or data protection law. 
 Inadvertent transmission of computer virus.
Failure to secure computer system or network.
Data processing by authorized outsourced service provider.

Regulatory Costs
Expenses relating to:
Investigation or proceedings instigated by the National Privacy Commission or any regulatory body.
Legally insurable fine or penalty imposed by the National Privacy Commission or the Payment Card Industry.

Who may be covered?
Institutions with website and portals that store customer information:
Consumer Goods and Retail Companies
Express Delivery Services
Educational Institutions
Media and Social Platforms

For the best combination of protection, we also recommend Pro-Tech Insurance to keep your desktops and laptops covered from accidental damage or loss. Secure your data and your hardware with Cocogen's latest insurance products.

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