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Drive with peace of mind. 

COCOGEN Motor Excel Plus is a comprehensive car insurance that secures your vehicle against accidents keeping you and your passenger safe and free from liability while on the road.

Your vehicle must not be more than ten (10) years of age under the following classifications: Private Car You car used for social and domestic purpose/ pleasure as well as private and company-owned cars you use for your business or profession.
Commercial Vehicle
Your light utility vehicled used for the transport and/ or carrying goods or products.
Basic Coverage:
✓ Own Damage and Theft Your coverage for automobile physical damage and theft ‣ Accidental collision or overturning ‣ Fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning ‣ Burglary or theft (including canapping) ‣ Malicious act ‣ While in transit (including loading and unloading) ✓ Third Party Liability ‣ Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) Your protection for legal liability against third party bodily injury as required by law. ‣ Voluntary Third Party Liability Your cover for legal liability against bodily injury in excess of CTPL limit and property damage to third party ‣ Auto Passenger Personal Accident Your cover for accidental death and disablement of unnamed driver or passenger ‣ Medical Expense Reimbursement Your benefit for medical expenses of driver and passenger due to accident + Acts of Nature Secure additional protection for your car against natural calamities ✓ Earthquake ✓ Typhoon, Hurricane, Tornado, Cyclone or Other Atmospheric disturbance ✓ Flood, Tsunami, or Storm Surge ✓ Volcanic Eruption

Extended Services
COCOGEN Road Pal Rescue COCOGEN Road Pal Rescue serves COCOGEN motor car policyholders even during the unexpected critical moments on the road. This is a 24-hour road assistance that can definitely gives peace of mind anytime of the day and any day of the week. (for Private Car policies only)
Gawa Agad Program
Gawa Agad Program allows motor car policyholders to process their claims through and repair the vehicle thorugh selected repair shops nationwide.
If you want to know more about Motor Excel Plus, visit our FAQs page.

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