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Cocogen Road Pal Rescue

Road Pal Rescue is our 24-hour road assistance to Cocogen Motor Insurance Policyholders. If you need anything while on the road, we're just a phone call away! Just dial (02) 8687-8382 and tell us which of the following Road Pal Rescue services stated below you require and we'll get to you as soon as possible.

Vehicle Assistance

      Emergency Towing Assistance

      Provides towing services due to mechanical breakdown or accident at Php 5,000.00 per event up to a maximum of three (3) events for both mechanical breakdown and accident.

      Vehicle Removal 

      Arranges for the towing or any other assistance in case the vehicle falls in to a ravine and the likes with coverage up to Php 12,000.00, maximum of three (3) events a year.

      Minor On-Site Repair 

      Arranges for a car mechanic to the site for immediate minor repair such as jumpstart, battery boosting, tire changing, delivery of gasoline (cost of gasoline not included), and car lock-out at Php 5,000.00 per event.

      Motor Shop Referral 

      Refers to nearest motor shops for repairs.

      Hotel Accommodation 

      Arranges for the accommodation at the nearest hotel if the vehicle is non-repairable within 24 hours at P4,000 per night, maximum of two (2) nights and must be 25 kilometers away from residence or office.

      Alternative Travel Assistance

      Provides the Insured with alternative transport to his home/destination if the vehicle is non-repairable within six (6) hours from the time of breakdown, covers up to Php 3,000.00 per event and must be 25 kilometers away from residence or office.

      Medical Referral Assistance

      Provides the location and contact information of nearest hospital and accredited shops in the event of accident or mechanical breakdown. Assists in arranging an ambulance for hospital admission.   

      Return of Mortal Remains

      Arranges for the transport of mortal remains of the insured.    

      Repatriation of Vehicle

      Assists the Insured in arranging for the repatriation of the vehicle to his residence of the vehicle cannot be repaired when it breaks down.

      Gasoline Refill Assistance

      Arranges for the attendance of a gasoline refill service operators to the site when the vehicle is immobilized while on the road due to lack of fuel.

      Continuation of Journey

      Organizes alternative transport for the Insured to continue his journey if the vehicle cannot be repaired but he urgently needs to reach his destination.

      Directory Assistance (Police Assistance)

      Provides the number of nearest police station upon request.

Personal Assistance

      Emergency Assistance

      In the event the User’s Vehicle breaks down or is involved in a vehicular accident, Aspire shall transmit urgent messages related to the Vehicle breakdown or vehicular accident to the Subscriber and/or the User’s family members.

      Traffic Updates 

      If requested by the User, Aspire may provide traffic advisories within main cities in the Territory.

      Road Directions 

      Recommends possible or alternative routes (google maps)

      Vehicle Registration Assistance 

      Assists the Insured in registering the declared vehicle to the relevant transport authorities/vehicle registration.

      Claims Procedure Assistance

      Provides information on how and when to file a claim.

      24/7 Accident Assistance Hotline

      Assist the client during an accident especially in dealing with third parties in case of accident

      Referral to Authority Assistance

      Assists in coordinating with the Police or Fire Department. to respond in the accident or to generate report as part of claims

      Claims Report Service

      Provides initial report to Cocogen regarding the accident

      Claims Requirements Assistance

      Guides the Insured in completing the documentation required to complete claims requirements

      Referral to Claims Department

      Provides contact details of Cocogen representatives for claims assistance.

Protection Assistance

      Security Assistance

      Guides the Insured to the nearest police station with the police to respond to the scene and secure the Insured whenever there are threats such as tailgating while driving.


      Assists in coordinating with the proper authorities to possibly trace the lost vehicle and inform Cocogen.


New benefits of Road Pal Rescue are only applicable to policies issued and renewed starting January 1, 2021. For existing policyholders with policies expiring from January 2021 to December 2021, please call our existing KaLakbay hotline at 8 236-7237 for road assistance services.

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