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COVID-19 Assist+

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic continues to affect the Philippines and the entire world and it is important to always take care of your health. However, as the situation becomes unpredictable, you must always be financially resilient and ready in times of need.

Get security in these difficult times. Protect yourself from the burdens of medical expenses especially in times of health crisis with COCOGEN Covid-19 Assist+, winner of the International Finance Magazine's Most Innovative New Non-Life Insurance Product award for 2020.

COCOGEN offers cash assistance to insureds diagnosed with COVID-19 through our Personal Accident coverage at a very affordable premium.

Benefits Basic Prime
Cash Assistance in case of Death due to COVID-19
Daily Hospital Benefit due to COVID-19 or accident 200
Accidental Death and Disablement (Sum Insured) 20,000
Burial Benefit in case of Accidental Death
Cash Assistance in case of death due to Other Causes

An insured can get up to two insurance coverage of either the same package or a combination of both packages.

Insuring conditions:

  • - Coverage is only up to three (3) months, renewable upon expiration.
  • - Age limit is from 18 to 60 years old, renewable up to 65 years old.
  • - Hospital benefit is valid only up to a maximum of 15 days.

  • - Motorcycling risks
  • - Pre-existing medical conditions
  • - Any bodily or mental infirmity, disease or sickness
  • - Death or injury from other outbreaks and diseases
  • - Death or injury from the performance of certain duties and occupations
  • - Being under or over the covered ages of the package during the accident or inception date of the policy, respectively
  • - Death or injury arising from: HIV Infection and/or any AIDS related illness; self inflicted injury;  consumption of drugs (except under the proper  v           direction of a Medical Practitioner), narcotic substances, poison or alcohol
  • - Partaking in dangerous activities
  • - Murder and Assault, Sabotage and Terrorism and Wars
  • - Infectious diseases aside from COVID-19.

If you want to know more about COVID-19 Assist+, visit our FAQs page.

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