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Computer Insurance

Desktop computers and laptops play a very important role in this “new normal” setup. Employees working from home and students attending online classes heavily use these devices to continue with their regular duties and activities. 

For the best combination of protection, we recommend Pro-Tech Computer Insurance to keep your desktops and laptops covered from accidental damage or loss. Secure your hardware with Cocogen today and click the Inquire Now button below.

Areas of Coverage:
Desktop Computer
Within declared premises only.
Within declared premises.
Anywhere in the Philippines.

Accidental Damage
Cracks and breakage;excluding scratches on surfaces and screens.
Liquid Damage
Water splash and immersion
Accidental Loss
Lost devices and disappearance
Stolen devices including robbery and burglary
Mechanical failure or malfunction caused by catastrophes
Only devices not more than three (3) years old are accepted.
Desktop computer includes the system unit, peripherals and other accessories such as monitors, keyboards, mouses, webcams or speakers. All devices and accessories must be declared upon application.
Custom-built or modified devices can be covered subject to proper declarations of specifications and parts.
All-in-one computer with built-in monitor is considered as desktop computer.

If you want to know more about Pro-Tech Computer Insurance, visit our FAQs page.

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