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ProBiz Excel Plus

COCOGEN PROBIZ EXCEL PLUS is designed for small and medium-sized commercial business owners.

Mitigate risks, reduce downtime and protect your investments with our comprehensive benefits and flexible coverage.

  • Basic Business Assets
  • Natural Catastrophic Event Cover
  • Extensions of Cover


Your business is comprised of properties and assets. You can get coverage for:

  • Building and Improvements
  • Machineries and Equipment
  • Stocks or Goods for Sale
  • Furniture, Fixtures, Fitting, Signages and other contents usual to business

Basic Coverage:

  • Fire and/or Lightning
  • Extended Coverage (explosion, vehicle impact, falling aircraft, smoke)
  • Riot and/or Strike
  • Broad Water Damage with bursting or overflowing of tanks, apparatus, and pipes.
  • Malicious Damage
  • Sprinkler Leakage
  • Civil Commotion
  • Robbery and/or Burglary


Protect your property from natural catastropic perils.

  • Earthquake
  • Flood, Tsunami, or Storm Surge
  • Typhoon, Hurricane, Tornado, Cyclone or Other Atmospheric disburbance
  • Volcanic Eruption


Get additional benefits and increase coverage up to the maximum limit (up to three times of the standard limit)


(per unit)

  • Commercial General Liability
  • legal liabilities or possible lawsuits:
    • Personal Injury
    • Fire and Explosion
    • Tenants
    • Food and Drinks
    • Products
    • Employer
    • Premises Medical Payment
    • Cross Liability
  • Php 500,000
  • Machinery and Electronic Equipment Breakdown
  • loss or damage to all types of machinery and electronic equipment.
  • Php 250,000
  • Extra Expense
  • loss or of profit due to property loss or damage
  • Php 100,000
  • Employee Coverage
  • personal properties of employees
  • bodily injury
  • Php 20,000
  • Php 200,000
  • Money Inside Premise and In-Transit Robbery and Burglary
  • loss of money, securities, payroll inside premises or in-transit
  • Php 100,000
  • Employee Fraud and Dishonesty
  • loss of money and other property through fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by an employee
  • Php 100,000
  • Temporary Removal
  • cover for insured properties while temporarily removed for the
  • purpose of cleaning, renovating, or repair to any other premises within the Philippines
  • Php 10,000
  • Professional Fees
  • fees of architects and engineers in the reconstruction of the damaged property
  • Php 10,000
  • Minor Alterations and Repairs
  • loss or damage to minor works at any of the insured Premises, including any additions,
  • alterations, repairs, refurbishments, and rehabilitation, and installation of new machineries
  • and equipment plus testing and commissioning
  • Php 200,000
  • Fire Brigade Charges
  • charges levied on the insured
  • Php 25,000
  • Debris Removal
  • cleanup of premises after a covered loss of damage
  • Php 25,000
  • Capital Additions
  • covers automatically new acquired buildings, machineries and equipment, including
  • any new alterations, additions and improvements to buildings, machinery and equipment
  • Up to 10% of the
  • Total Sum Insured
  • Automatic Increase
  • increase in value of properties insured
  • Up to 10% of the
  • existing sum insured
  • of each item
  • Fixed Glass Accidental Damage
  • damage to fixed glass within business premises
  • Php 50,000

Extensions of Cover:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Machinery & Electronic Equipment Breakdown
  • Extra Expense
  • Employee Coverage
  • Money Inside Premises & In Transit Robbery & Burglary
  • Employee Fraud & Dishonesty
  • Fixed Glass Accidental Damage
  • Temporary Removal
  • Professional Fees
  • Minor Alterations & Repairs
  • Fire Brigade Charges
  • Fire Fighting Expenses
  • Debris Removal
  • Capital Additions
  • Automatic Increase

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