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Gawa Agad

Cocogen Gawa Agad

Easy motor claims processing for your convenience

Gawa Agad is Cocogen's innovative concept in motor car insurance claims. It was designed to improve claims processing time by authorizing selected repair shops to perform claims administration. Through Gawa Agad, Cocogen realizes its ultimate goal in recognizing and meeting the needs and expectations of the market for convenience and quality service.

  1. Bring your damaged vehicle to any of our Gawa Agad shops
  2. Submit the following documents and Gawa Agad repair shop will do the rest:
    1. Insurance Policy and its Official Receipt
    2. Current Driver's License and its Official Receipt
    3. Vehicle's Certificate of Registration and its Official Receipt
    4. Original Police Report and/or Driver's Affidavit of the accident
  3. You can also arrange for the FREE pickup/delivery of your vehicle to/from any of these Gawa Agad repair shops during office hours.
  1. Attend to persons requiring immediate medical attention.
  2. Secure a Police Report even for minor damages. Be sure to fully describe the damage to the involved vehicle passenger in order to prevent a larger claim. If possible, take pictures of the damages.
  3. Count the passengers of other vehicle. Get their names, telephone numbers and the driver's license number. This is to protect you in case more people will claim for more than the actual number of passengers.
  4. Move vehicles to the roadside in order not to obstruct traffic flow. Both drivers must sign the sketch that describes the vehicle's position at the time of accident.
  5. Never leave your vehicle unattended to prevent it from further damage.
  1. Report immediately the carnapping incident to the nearest police station. Bring your vehicle's original Certificates of Registration and Official Receipt (CR and OR) the soonest time possible.
  2. Submit a copy of the Alarm Sheet prepared by the police station to the Traffic Management Center, Camp Crame, Quezon City.
  3. Inform Cocogen and submit the original and photocopy of the documents mentioned under hassle free motor repair together with the Alarm and Complaint Sheets from the Traffic Management Center (Camp Crame).

important reminder:

The Own Damage claim against your insurance policy will be denied should you or your authorized representative enter into any form of settlement with the person at fault.

To ensure speedy recovery against the person at fault, secure the following from the third party:

  • All the documents mentioned under hassle free motor repair
  • Conforme by way of signature to the Driver's Affidavit of the accident
  • Contact numbers (landline, mobile phone, e-mail address)

Your strict compliance with this reminder will ensure that your participation in the repairs will be borne or at least be minimized.

For more information regarding claims requirements, Road Pal Rescue,
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In case of an accident, you can also call:

Cocogen Claims Department (02)8811-1788 Loc. 6442 to 45 or 6413,6414,6418,6419

Fax No.: 403-7091

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