The use of cyber platforms in the Philippines has grown exponentially, hence, the increase of online threats and cybercrime. Your digital assets including your personal information and wallet are at risk of theft and hackers.

In today's digital age, where our lives are more intertwined with technology, safeguarding your personal information and online presence has become crucial more than ever.

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We can help you find the best insurance cover for you based on your needs.

Cocogen HackGuard is a personal cyber insurance that keeps you secured from financial loss associated with your digital footprints and transactions.


Electronic Fund Transfer Fraud

Your reimbursement for financial loss resulting from fraudulent electronic transfer of finds from your online bank accounts and e-wallets, including email scams and unauthorized purchases charged to you credit/debit cards.

Online Retail Fraud

Your reimbursement for financial loss from items bought online that have never been delivered, ensuring you can shop with confidence.

Identity Theft

Your coverage for expenses to clear your reputation, including legal fees, identity restoration assistance, credit monitoring services, and well as loss of income due to time take off work to deal with the identity theft.

Cyber Bullying (Optional Cover)

Your access to resources to help you get through the trauma of being bullied online. It covers expenses for psychological consultation, relocation costs, online reputation restoration, and legal costs to pursue or defend legal action.

Cyber Assistance Services

Cocogen HackGuard includes 24/7 Personal Cyber Assistance and Claims Service in partnership with DynaRisk. Customers have access to a toll-free hotline at any time, worldwide, and on an unlimited basis until issue is resolved..

If you want to know more about HackGuard Personal Cyber Insurance, visit our FAQs page.