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Administrator – is a person or corporation appointed by the court to administer the estate of a person who died without a will.

Guardian’s Bond – a guardian who is lawfully vested with the power and charged with the duty of taking care of the person and or managing the property and rights of another person who because of minority or considered incapable of administering his own affairs.

Attachment Bond – the property of the adverse property in a case is taken into custody of the law, or attached as security for the satisfaction of any judgment which the plaintiff obtained (property being mortgaged to the bank).

Heir’s Bond – when a person dies without leaving a will, his/her estate may be adjudicated or distributed among his/her legal heirs.

Replevin Bond – where a person seeks an action to recover possession of a personal property. Replevin is resorted to in cases of repossession of personal properties sold on installment such as household appliances or vehicles when the buyer fails to pay the agreed installments.

Supersedeas (NLRC – labor cases) – where the obligee rendered its decision in favor of the complainant, which order may be executed immediately. The respondent (applicant) in order to stay the execution of the award, may file appear to the case and file a supersedeas bond.

Bail Bond – When a person is accused of a crime before a court, a warrant for his arrest is issued. In order to avoid his arrest and or/secure his temporary liberty (in case accused is already arrested), this bond is filed.

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