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How to prevent denied car insurance claims
July 23, 2021

We all know how infuriating it is to get your insurance claim denied. It sort of feels like getting kicked when you’re already down. While the possibility of getting rejected might turn you off from even considering insurance, it’s not really that hard to ensure your claim gets approved. Here are some tips from Cocogen Insurance:

Take Care of Your Car

When you file your claim and it’s found out that you were negligent with making sure that your car was safe to drive and had no other issues, chances are you’d get the boot when it came to filing your claim.

Check Your Papers

When you file your claim, be sure to have the proper documents ready. These include your driver’s license, your car’s registration, any police reports, a copy of your policy, and more depending on what you’re filing a claim for.

Read Your Policy

Be sure to read the coverage included in your policy. If it’s not documented, then it won’t be usable. Look at the product that you’re buying and make sure to have all your bases covered.

Stay Legal

If your car ends up damaged because you were doing something illegal, best believe that you can kiss that claim goodbye. In relation to this, insurance fraud is a crime so please obey the law, guys. That’s all. 

No matter what the case, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that your car is both in tiptop shape and insured. Think of it as a face mask + face shield combo but for your automobile. You keep it healthy and nice to the best of your abilities, and we’ll make sure that if anything happens, you and your four-wheeled baby are covered. For more information on how Cocogen Insurance can help keep your car secure, visit our Auto Excel Plus page.


The views expressed are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cocogen Insurance.