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Keep your computer safe with these helpful tips
September 16, 2021

Another school year has arrived, albeit online and that means more constant screen time for students. As the schools continue  with distance learning arrangements, keeping our computers and laptops safe and secure has become a top priority because these are the primary equipment used for online learning.

  1. Keep it dry, keep it working

Much like any other electronic appliance, getting your laptop or PC wet is a quick way to the trash bin. Always make sure that when you’re drinking, eating, or even sweating; that none of the droplets make it into your system. If you must do so, have something absorbent wrapped around your meal, your forehead, or covering your electronics.

  1. Surge protection matters

An electric surge is a terrible thing to deal with. In one of our cases, the wire that connects from the socket or extension cord to the PC’s power supply unit, ended up frying and melting the PSU’s port, necessitating an instant replacement for both cable and unit, as well as being unable to work. In worse cases, these surges can even take down your motherboard, dragging anything installed on it to the electronic grave. Auxiliary Power Units, while pricey, come with surge protectors and energy storage that can regulate the electricity coming into your system, as well as an extra bit of juice for you to save your work if the power goes out.

  1. Protect yourself

Of course, the most important bit to protect would be you, or in this case your finances! With Pro-tech Computer Insurance, Cocogen can help you repair or replace your computer or laptop depending on the extent of damage. For Desktops this means having insurance for your computer’s parts, from the main things like the contents of your tower, to peripherals such as your mouse and keyboard. On the other hand, Pro-Tech also insures laptops wherever they may be so you can be off studying in a coffee shop away from home and still have the assurance that your laptop is insured.

Whether it’s a broken computer component, or a stolen unit, Cocogen has your back to keep your tech moving as you continue your studies; all for as low as Php 1,000 for desktop and Php 1,500 for laptops. You take care of your grades, and we’ll take care of your rig. For more information, you can visit our Pro-Tech Computer Insurance page to see our extensive desktop and laptop insurance coverage.

The views expressed are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cocogen Insurance.