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Love your home the Konmari way
February 18, 2021

Organizing your home can be your worst nightmare, especially when you don't know where and how to start. The mess and the pile of unsorted things can overwhelm you if you are clueless on how to organize them. Best way to do this is to follow Marie Kondo's method (aka "KonMari") of making your home neat, clean, and worthy of living. Here's how to show love to the home that sparks you joy. Clothing Our clothes are our way to express our personality. Pile all your clothes from your cabinet to your bed. Touch them one by one and determine if they spark you joy. If you haven't worn some of your clothes for a year or so, it would be better to put it away, thank it for serving you, and donate it to charity or people in need. Sentimental Items Sentimental items are what bring us memories and remind us of the special people in our lives. These things are best organized in a box so you can easily find them and reminisce the moments you had with the people who gave them. If they are pictures, put them in a picture frame and place them in an area where you can see them most of the time. Komono Komono are small items in your house that you use on an everyday basis. Example of this are kitchen items. For kitchen items, this should be kept in the kitchen drawers. These items should be organized according to sizes and functions. Pile plastic containers on top of each other to save space. Spoon and fork should be grouped together for easy finding. Books Books are our source of knowledge and creativity. When you are about to organize them, wake their spirits up by gently tapping them with your fingers. Hold each book one by one and decide if it still gives you any kind of interest. If a book hasn't been read for a year, it would be best to thank it and give it away to someone who would appreciate it. Furnitures Pieces of Furniture are set in places in our home where we can best bond with our families and friends. Make sure that they are tidied properly wherein pillows are neatly placed on your sofa. For bedrooms, always tuck bed sheets in place if the bed is not being used. For kitchen, make sure that the dining table are free from unnecessary items so you can properly enjoy a meal with your family. Protect the places in your home that sparks you joy. Remember, the point of KonMari method is not to discard the things that you don’t need anymore. The method should teach you how to properly thank the things that has served you. Now, are you ready to do the KonMari method way in your home? Enjoy, have fun, and live a stress-free life with your loved ones. Love your home further by insuring what sparks you joy with Cocogen’s Home Excel Plus. A mishap may bring fire to your home and burn your household contents which can be covered by this comprehensive package. Thank them for serving you and your loved ones well. To learn more about Cocogen Home Excel PLUS, contact us here, email customer service at , or call our hotline: (02) 830-6000 .
*** The views expressed are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cocogen Insurance.