Auto Passenger Personal Accident Protect

Cocogen's Auto Passenger Personal Accident Insurance gives the insured car owner, as well as his/her driver and passengers, peace of mind while on the road as it covers unavoidable losses caused by accidental bodily injury or death – risks that are not covered under Motor Insurance.

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Summary of Auto PA Protect Packages
  • Plan A

    Php 25,000.00 (Accidental Death and Disablement) & Php 2,500.00 (Medical Expense Reimbursement)

  • Plan B

    Php 50,000.00 (AD & D) & Php 5,000.00 (MER)

  • Plan C

    Php 100,000.00 (AD & D) & Php 10,000.00 (MER)

  • Plan D

    Php 150,000.00 (AD & D) & Php 15,000.00 (MER)

  • Plan E

    Php 200,000.00 (AD & D) & Php 20,000.00 (MER)

If you want to know more about Auto Passenger Personal Accident Insurance, visit our FAQs page.