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Cocogen answers 5 common questions about travel insurance
February 16, 2021

Every time we decide to go on a holiday out of the country and book a flight, travel insurance always comes at the bottom of the checklist, sometimes, skipped. Truth is, travel insurance is something we need, so we have to learn more about it. Being such a broad topic, it can get confusing. You might not know the best person to ask, so we’re here to lend you a helping hand or at least some answers.

Here are Cocogen's answers to your holiday questions:

How does travel insurance work? This is a good question to start with. Travel insurance is essentially your safety net when you travel. It covers you for certain accidents or risk factors that you might encounter while traveling abroad. The incidents that it covers include, but are not limited to, the following: lost or stolen checked in luggage and belongings, medical and hospitalization, and death. It’s necessary for all kinds of trips, whether short distance or long haul. Accidents can happen at any time, and this ensures that you will be protected from departure until your return.
Do I need travel insurance? Whether you’re a frequent traveler or one-time tourist, the answer is definitely yes! It doesn’t matter where you travel to, you need travel insurance. This also puts your mind at ease when you’re out of the country. In case an unanticipated event was to happen, you won’t get bill shocked by any extra expenses the incident may incur.
How does limit of liability work? The limit of liability is something you should also be familiar with in your travel insurance policy, so make sure to ask an agent about it. The limit of liability is the extent of the amount of coverage per risk. For example, if your insurance package says your limit of liability is USD 20,000 for Medical Expenses due to accident, then the insurance company will only cover your hospital bills up to that amount. Do remember that strenuous physical activities such as mountain climbing, surfing and the like are usually excluded from these limits due to its high-risk nature, so it’s best to read the policy guidelines carefully.
Do I need travel health insurance? Travel health insurance or travel medical insurance is a more comprehensive way to ensure that all your medical trips abroad will be covered. This is especially great for frequent travelers and those who plan to have lengthy stays overseas. It is worthy to note that this is different from your outstanding medical insurance. Let’s say you have health insurance in the Philippines—this won’t cover you when you go out of the country.
Where to get travel insurance in the Philippines Availing travel insurance is easy with Cocogen Travel Excel Plus. You can roam the world confidently with their comprehensive coverage packages and detailed benefits, so you know exactly what you need. Travel without the hassle and be prepared by investing in the smartest thing on your trip. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget, it’s this.
If you have more questions, we’re here to answer it for you. Contact COCOGEN by filling up a contact form, emailing at, or calling the hotline at (02) 8830-6000.
*** The views expressed are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cocogen Insurance.