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COCOGEN Launches ePolicy: Get Documents Instantly Online
COCOGEN Insurance (UCPB General Insurance Company, Inc.) is always committed to deliver only the best services to its clients, Keeping them abreast through the speed of today’s technology, COCOGEN Insurance implemented the ePolicy – a convenient way to send policies to the insured individuals online. Through the ePolicy, clients will be able to easily access their contracts online. By going paperless, clients no longer have to wait for hours or days before they can get their newly-issued/renewed policies. Also, it ensures easy reference and confidentiality of records through online and mobile accessibility. 4-steps to an ePolicy Getting the ePolicy is made more convenient through these 4 simple steps: Secure a Policy Upon getting a COCOGEN Non-life Insurance Policy, its corresponding documents are uploaded to a secure system.
E-mail Confirmation The system automatically sends the policyholder a link from which he or she can access a soft copy of these documents. These are sent through their preferred e-mail account immediately after processing.
Sign-Up or Log-in Clicking the link will lead policyholders to a Log-in (with existing online account) or Sign-up (no COCOGEN online account). Those who need to create a new account need to provide necessary personal information as required by the Credit information Systems Act (CISA) of 2008. With a customized username and password, they can access the policy anytime. This also assures that their policy is kept secure and confidential.
Access Contract Files The insured can readily access, save, or share documents online through the site. A printed copy of each insured policy will be sent directly to you, our business partner, to serve as a back-up copy for your clients.
***Policyholders only need a verified e-mail address and COCOGEN account. Fly to Hong Kong Promo COCOGEN is making the ePolicy program more exciting and engaging with the Fly to Hong Kong promo. Interested insured individuals need only to successfully register to the ePolicy program to join. Each policyholder is eligible to only 1 registration and therefore, one (1) raffle entry. Successful registrants from July 15 to October 30, 2017 are qualified for the promo. Participants stand a chance to win two (2) round-trip tickets to Hong Kong with free hotel accommodations and city tour on November 24 to 26, 2017. --- COCOGEN’s move to go paperless is a bold step towards ensuring quicker service without compromising efficient customer support. Inquiries about the ePolicy can be coursed through our Customer Service Center at 8830-6000.