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COCOGEN Offers Kasambahay Protect
Introducing a new and economical offering, COCOGEN Insurance (UCPB General Insurance Company, Inc.) launched extensive personal accident insurance packages especially designed for house helps with Kasambahay Protect, Sept. 29. Kasambahay Protect is the first microinsurance product from COCOGEN with the primary objective to make insurance products more affordable to low-income market. The kasambahay insurance offering comes in two different packages, the Kasambahay Protect and Kasambahay Protect Plus. Kasambahay Protect is a basic coverage providing cash benefits to insured and beneficiaries in case of accidental death, disablement and injuries sustained anywhere in the world. It also covers medical reimbursements, burial benefits and daily hospital benefits. Meanwhile, Kasambahay Protect Plus comes with a more comprehensive security covering all benefits under the basic package with additional coverage for unprovoked murder and assault and motorcycling. This ensures total protection for the kasambahay and its beneficiaries. The Kasambahay Protect package is also the first stand-alone package for house helps as early benefits are only included as riders of home insurance packages. The kasambahay may avail the insurance for themselves. Likewise, their employers can also purchase the insurance for them. With COCOGEN’s Kasambahay Protect, house help can now enjoy comfort and peace of mind whether while on duty or during their day off.