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COCOGEN's DIY Home Cleaning Hacks
January 21, 2021

Cleaning your home is just one of the simplest ways to keep your home looking pretty. It may be stressful and exhausting at times to dust off all the furniture, repair fixtures, and wipe the stained countertops. But at the end of the day, it’s your home and you’re the only one who knows how to take good care of it. Wouldn’t it be better if there was an easier way to do things? You would be surprised what simple solutions are out there for every home woe. Here are COCOGEN's seven do-it-yourself hacks that you can try when for the next time you clean your home. 1. The lemon and the oven. Slice two lemons in half and squeeze its juices into a microwaveable bowl filled with 1/3 water. Place the bowl in the oven and heat at 250 degrees for 30 minutes or more. The citrus vapor will make it easier to wipe off the grime, deodorize, and sanitize your microwave oven or oven toaster all at the same time. 2. Baking soda for your couch. Those lurking smells and unlikely fabric stains have no place on your comfy couch. Remove the smell and the stains by applying baking soda on your couch and letting it stay there for about an hour. Afterwards, wipe clean the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner and brush attachment. See the difference. 3. When your blinds meet the vinegar-water tandem. Clean your dirty window blinds by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar in a bowl. Get an old sock and wear it as a glove. Carefully dip your hand in the mixture and wipe the blinds up. Vinegar as a weak form of acetic acid is one of the best natural “cleaners”. 4. De-gunk your cupboard with baking soda and veggie oil. Make a paste by mixing one-part vegetable oil and two parts baking soda. Apply the mixture on your cupboard using an old toothbrush. This mixture will help remove those stubborn grease and grime on your cupboard that may damage it. 5. Cola for your stained garage. Yes, it’s a drink, but it can be useful for cleaning too! Pour a bottle or two of cola on your driveway to remove those nasty oil stains. Let it sit there for an hour or two and rinse it off using a high-pressure hose afterwards. 6. White bread emergency sponge. Are there broken pieces of glass on your floor? Avoid further accidents by immediately going to your kitchen. Yes! Go get some white bread to gather the broken pieces of glass including the tiniest shards. Just make sure that you have the garbage bag ready with you too. 7. Vinegar as a shower head problem solver. Fill a mini plastic bag with vinegar. Cover it around the shower head, soaking it with the vinegar itself, then tie it up. Let it stay there overnight. This will help to eliminate soap scums and lime crusts. When it comes to cleaning, there’s no one true and real method that you can’t innovate, even just to make things easier. Protect your home from dust, stains, grimes, and even bad odor by properly taking care of it with regular cleaning and periodic maintenance. And when it comes to protecting your home from any causes of harm from human interference up to natural calamities, leave it to COCOGEN’s Home Excel PLUS. Let the broader coverage of COCOGEN’s premier home insurance policy provide you with the superior protection that your home needs to keep you safe. *** The author of this article contributed in their own personal capacity. The views expressed are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of COCOGEN Insurance