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Internet Icons David Guison And Daniel Marsh Travel With COCOGEN Travel Excel Plus
Travel insurance is an essential part of every trip. This holds true for social media influencers David Guison and Daniel Marsh, who have been traveling to different local and international destinations. Guison and Marsh are famous video bloggers or commonly known as “vloggers.” They share their travel adventures and experiences through their respective social media channels including YouTube, Instagram, and their own blog sites. Recently, they flew to Yogyakarta, Indonesia last March 13-15,traveling with complete security and peace of mind as they got covered by Travel Excel Plus insurance from COCOGEN Insurance (UCPB General Insurance Company, Inc.) The main objective of the trip is to promote travel insurance as an important part of every journey especially when going on a trip abroad. “You really don’t know what is bound to happen, if you’re going to be sick, if you get injured, so I always make sure to get an insurance before my trip, the COCOGEN Travel Excel Plus,” Guison shared in his vlog. On the other hand, Marsh emphasized that travel insurance is very important in every trip just as essential as the passport or other travel documents. “It doesn’t cost that much for the peace of mind you’ll have when you travel, definitely travel insurance is essential,” Marsh also expressed citing the travel insurance affordability. COCOGEN Travel Excel Plus provides travelers confidence without worrying about travel hassles including sickness, injuries and airline inconveniences such as baggage and flight delay, flight misconnection and trip cancellation. It also provides benefits for accidental death and disablement, burial benefit and personal liability. The two influencers had a jam-packed trip exploring the beauty of the exotic Yogyakarta in Java Island. This city is the home of the Borobudur Temple, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. Yogyakarta also takes pride in having beautiful and picturesque geographical locations which creates exciting activities for the tourists such as trekking at Jomblang Cave and the lava tour at Mt. Merapi. “It’s a great overall experience, we got to go to the beaches, we got to try Indonesian cuisine. I really really enjoyed,” Marsh said who also shared that he always contemplated to go to the country. Meanwhile, Guison expressed comfort when he arrived in Yogyakarta comparing the city’s ambiance and feels with the Philippines, particularly Cebu City. Both vloggers also expressed their appreciation to COCOGEN for securing their trip and making sure they would #TravelSmart.