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5 Filipino Values to be Proud Of
February 01, 2021

The Philippines may be known for its breathtaking beach destinations but besides the tourist spots and culinary surprises, our country is best recognized for one thing — our uniquely Filipino values. In fact, a lot of travelers from all over the globe have raved about the warm welcome from our smiling locals the moment they step out of the plane and into our airport. So if you want to feel proud for being a Filipino, here are som positive traits we Pinoys are known for: 1. Hospitality If there is one word that perfectly describes us Filipinos, it’s that we are hospitable. We are a friendly nation, often showing no hesitation when it comes to helping strangers and even going out of our way to make sure we can make every person we meet feel at ease and at home. And welcoming faces just add to the quaint charm of our beautiful islands. 2. Bayanihan-spirited Unity, also known as “bayanihan” in Filipino, is a trait we’ve been associated with for decades. More than the hospitality we show strangers, our spirit of generosity and bayanihan is something homegrown. Feasts, festivals, and fiestas are the perfect events where this trait is evident with neighbors helping each other out and opening their doors for visitors. 3. Family – Oriented Filipinos are also known for being very family – oriented. We’re the kind of people who would be more than willing to go to great lengths just for the sake of our loved ones. Parents are known to do everything they can, to sacrifice hours of hard work just to make sure their children are promised a better future; in return, Filipino children do their best to study hard and make their parents proud. 4. Brave American five-star general Douglas MacArthur once said “Give me ten thousand Filipino soldiers and I will conquer the world.” This is a testament to the bravery of Filipinos who, from then ’til now, have shown exemplary courage in times when daunting challenges present itself — be it in something as simple as defending a loved one in the face of danger or something as grand as dying for the freedom of the country. 5. Cheerful Did you know that Filipinos ranked 5th in the world’s happiest citizens on a poll released by Gallup’s Positive Experience Index last year? That’s no surprise especially when you see how we usually show up all smiles no matter what happens. We’re a country used to looking at the silver lining of every situation. Even in the middle of the worst typhoons, you can still see Filipinos smiling and waving at the camera from the roofs of their homes as the media covers natural disasters. In a country that continues to struggle with an image problem, we must not forget to cherish and preserve these good and positive Filipino traits that have embodied who we are as a people, as a community, and as a nation since the time of our ancestors. In a way, it has become part of our heritage and in turn — our national identity which allows every Filipino around the world to identify with and gives us our sense of #PinoyPride *** The author of this article contributed in their own personal capacity. The views expressed are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of COCOGEN Insurance.