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Five Home Safety Tips From COCOGEN
February 02, 2021

Protecting your home is not just about securing material assets but also about keeping your family safe. Yes, you can install the best home security system out there but we all know that doesn’t come cheap. Add that to the fact that when you browse for tips online you may be overwhelmed with technical jargon describing high-tech specifications of the latest security system, we can understand the stress of trying to find the best possible way to protect your home. Worry not though, because besides the article we wrote to tell you the most common burglar entry points in a home, we’re also here to provide you simple steps you and your family could do to help keep away these bad guys from ever stepping foot into your home. 1. Wisely choose where to install your security system This is especially true if your front entrance is in any way designed with glass. It’s best to install your security system someplace where it’s not easily noticeable or visible from your doorstep so crooks won’t be able to see it and work around the set alarm. 2. Keep valuables in your kid’s drawers The common practice when storing valuables is to keep it in the master’s bedroom. Whether you store it in a locked safe or a nightstand, thieves will know that the most important (or valuable) possessions are usually kept in the master’s bedroom. Our advice? Keep it in your child’s sock drawers because crooks tend to leave kids’ rooms untouched thinking it holds nothing of value. 3. Have an extra car key next to your bed. Having an extra car key next to your bed is an easy way for you to get away and escape if something bad happens. You can also use it as a weapon if you encounter the burglar (go for the eyes). And if you’re one of the few who has a panic button on your car keys, you could also use it if you hear a suspicious noise while in bed. Just press the panic button and let the car alarm do its work in startling anyone trying to break into your home. 4. Lower your landline’s phone ringer Yes, we know that the onset of mobile phones and the internet basically put landline phones to rest but if you’re still part of the market who uses one, it’s best to lower its ringer volume when you’re leaving town. If a lawbreaker is casing a house, an unanswered phone ringing endlessly is a dead giveaway that no one is home. 5. Have a decoy box of fake valuables Typically, burglars are in and out in less than eight minutes so they don’t have enough time to go around assessing whether or not a stash of money or a piece of jewelry is real. This is where a decoy box comes in handy. Have a small metal safe or jewelry box filled with fake valuables; chances are home invaders will take it and leave thinking they’ve hit the jackpot. Just make sure to place fake valuables that look “believably expensive”. Of course, these are just tips and at the end of the day, being proactive about keeping your home safe is still the best bet to decrease the likelihood of it getting robbed. And if you truly want a safe fallback if and when you have had the unfortunate fate of being burlgarized, apply for home insurance. *** The author of this article contributed in their own personal capacity. The views expressed are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of COCOGEN Insurance.