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5 ways to find and keep the right kasambahay
February 16, 2021

Deciding to hire a house help for the first time can be a daunting task. Think about it: the idea of entrusting your home to a stranger and letting her take care of your children can be a scary thought at first. But hiring and dealing with house help need not be a daunting process. The following tips below should help you out as you employ your first kasambahay, who apart from taking care of the kids can also help in the overall management of the house: Hire your kasambahay the right way. Though hiring a house help via agency is gaining ground these days, the best way to do so is still through recommendations from your family and friends.First of all, you need to do a background check of your kasambahay applicant. Ask for her bio-data and NBI clearance. It is also best if you conduct an interview in person than over the phone and require applicants to run some medical tests…. (e.g. X-ray, blood tests, drug tests, if needed).
The entire process might seem tedious and costly, but it’s a small price to pay for your security and peace of mind. Train your house help to be better. It is normal to expect a yaya to know how to do basic household chores, but that doesn’t mean that all of her skills will be up to your standard.If there is any aspect of her job that you want to improve or done in a specific way, let her know and train her how to do it properly. Be patient and don’t lose your cool.Showing her how things are done at home may also be beneficial for both of you in the long run. For example, if her cooking leaves a lot to be desired, share with her your cooking tips so that she learns something new that also benefits your family. Treat your house help fairly.
As an employer, you need to treat your kasambahay in a professional manner. Don’t hurl insults when she can’t clean the bathroom the way you want it cleaned, for example.Be kind to your house help to motivate her and make her feel appreciated, but always maintain a professional distance befitting a healthy working relationship. While you can treat them like family, you need to establish boundaries so that they don’t overstep or even challenge your authority.
Don’t depend on your maid for everything. You shouldn’t spoil your maid. Consequently, you should also not allow them to spoil you and your family.Don’t let your helper do everything for you all the time, as being too dependent on your house help is unhealthy. There are things that you should not entirely delegate, such as taking care of your kids. You also want your children to learn the value of responsibility by teaching them basic household chores. Letting your maid do all these tasks robs your children off this valuable lesson.

Giving her a day off at least once a week will allow you to have some quality time with your family, and at the same time give her time for herself. You may also opt to eat out together once in awhile to spare your house help the trouble of cooking and cleaning the dishes. Go beyond the minimum. The Kasambahay Law has set the minimum wage of househelpers in Metro Manila at P2,500 a month, but that may not be enough to cover their personal expenses moreso, have enough to send to their relatives back home.Aside from giving your yaya a reasonable salary commensurate to her workload, The Kasambahay Law also requires you to pay for your house help’s SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG contributions. Other mandatory benefits include daily and weekly rest periods, leave with pay, and 13th month pay. You should also consider providing periodic raises and giving bonuses. Ultimately, it should be a must to protect your house help. The best way to do this is to avail a Kasambahay coverage, available through Cocogen Home Excel PLUS. Cocogen Home Excel PLUS comes with Kasambahay coverage that insures your house help’s clothing and other personal belongings in case of untoward incidents. It also provides her with a personal accident insurance that covers medical expenses in the event of an accidental bodily injury. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the Cocogen Home Excel PLUS and how it can help you establish an effective working relationship with your kasambahay.
*** The views expressed are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cocogen Insurance