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Fun Activities to Do With Your Grandparents
January 29, 2021

If there are people who could love us more than our parents could, it’s definitely the grandparents. They are basically an extension of our parents and even though there are times that we throw tantrums and they throw tantrums and we both couldn’t understand each other, it is without a doubt that their love for us is as unfailing as the morning sunshine’s heartwarming rays. Since our lolos and lolas aren’t always around, making it a point to visit them once in a while would be good. And what’s better is to make each visit another memory to remember and make you smile. Here are some suggestions on how you can have a fun-filled bonding time with your grandparents: 1. Play video games Teach the grandparents a fun thing or two about technology. Nothing can be more fun about technology than video games. You can teach them the basics of the controller. Playing games with them can get them pumped up at the right level. Think of how fun it would be to see grandma or grandpa react to the game itself. Their reactions would be priceless. Just don’t make Counterstrike be the first video game you make them play, okay? 2. Look at family photo albums. If you feel old looking at your #throwback photos, lolo and lola relive their youth when they do that. Along with looking at the younger versions of the grandparents, you’ll be treated with stories of how their romance started out or funny antics about your mom or dad or your aunts and uncles, or stories about how you were growing up. It’s therapeutic and nostalgic at the same time. Especially for your grandparents. 3. Sing karaoke. Who doesn’t love karaoke? And besides, we bet your grandparents loved to sing when they were younger. They can even beat you at the classics by Frank Sinatra or Diana Ross. You may even discover that lolo used to be a rock star. That would be gold. 4. Go to a garage sale. Who knows what kind of treasures you’ll find on other people’s “trash”? Plus, the grandparents can even tell you whether a find is indeed a gold find. make sure to wear comfortable clothes and bring a light snack or a bottle of water with you in case you get hungry or thirsty mid-hunt! 5. Offer to repaint the exterior or interiors of their home. Sure, they can hire other people to do it but it would be way fun if you do it with grandpa. It’s a great way to help them cut on costs and help you build more memories with gramps. We may miss them more and more each day that we are not with them, but with each fun memory we keep of them, it’s like they’re just there. And again, the cold days and nights have served us a purpose — remind us of the grandparents who spell warmth like a cup of hot choco on solitude. *** The author of this article contributed in their own personal capacity. The views expressed are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of COCOGEN Insurance.