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How To Choose The Best Car Repair Shop
December 10, 2020

Finding the right car repair shop can be a disconcerting task. A great deal of time needs to be invested, and aside from that, you, as a customer, should be able to ask the right questions. What if you’re badly needing help and are still clueless as a lamb about how to find the right repair shop for your car and your needs? Don’t worry. We rounded up some tips on how to land on the right auto repair shop.
1. Ask around.
You might be surprised how asking around can get you a lot of names faster than you can change your kid’s diapers. In fact, the best referrals come from friends and other family members who have experienced trouble in the same area. One more advantage about asking around is that you get first-hand opinion on their experience, thus avoiding scam.
2. Don’t base your decision solely on price.
It’s true that money will always be an issue and a factor in determining on which repair shop to choose, but you don’t need to automatically settle for the cheapest option. You still need to do your research and comparison. Weigh in on the pros and cons of each repair shop. A cheap rate doesn’t necessarily mean a mediocre service. And vice versa. A pricey repair shop doesn’t exactly mean the best.
3. Ask questions.
Forget if you look totally clueless when it comes to car repair, you need to inquire and get definite answers. And you totally have the right, since you are a customer. One thing you should definitely ask for is if they offer extended warranties to customers. You also need to ask about certifications of employees, and the years of experience their employees have in the field.
4. Get estimates.
On any type of service, it’s always a must to get estimates. It is important especially when your car has to undergo a major repair. Have a written estimate that states that the shop is not going to shove unnecessary services. It can also be proof for when a shop has wrongly diagnosed a concern.
5. Make the shop explain in a manner that you would understand.
Doctors have their own language. Mechanics do too. And if you’re going to talk to them and hire them, you need to understand them. As you know, misunderstandings are always messy and can lead to messier scenarios. What’s best is to ask them to relay the concern to you and what needs to be done in layman’s terms, or in a manner that you will be able to comprehend.
6. Trust your gut.
If you think that the mechanic seems shady, then you know better than trusting him with your car and the repairs it needs. Trust your gut and go find another shop you can feel confident with leaving your car With these tips, you should be well on your way on landing the right repair shop to get the job done. Just always remember, think twice, thrice even, before making a decision. It’s your car that is on the line and ultimately — your own safety.

The author of this article contributed in their own personal capacity. The views expressed are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of COCOGEN Insurance.