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Keep Burglars Out By Securing These Entry Points
January 22, 2021

Guaranteed safety is hard to come by these days. While you can take all the necessary precautions to stay safe, all it takes is a single stroke of bad luck. You cannot completely eliminate the risk of your home being a target, even with a security system, but you can at least reduce the possibility. Here are some anti-burglar tips from COCOGEN to keep your home secured. Exterior doors Or more commonly known as the Front Door. It may be too obvious for burglars to enter the front door to pursue their injustice, but yes, that’s how much of a cliché it is. Solution: To make your front door or other exterior doors less vulnerable to theft, replace them immediately once you see they’ve become old and flimsy. Old and weak doors can easily give in with a kick, especially if your doors are made of hollow wood. Consider using materials such as solid wood or fiber glass for your doors. It’s also in your best interest to avoid exterior doors with windows at all times. Check your door hinges also. If these are broken or a bit loose, have them replaced immediately with high-quality metal strike plates.
Windows Windows are avenues for that little beacon of light – also avenues for evil-minded people who want to get into your homes and ruin your peace. These little squares of access into the outside world can provide really quick entry and escape for burglars, especially if located on the first floor. Destroy the screen, open the window with great force, and squeeze in. Just the thought can give you enough nightmares for a week. Solution: Replace the manufacturer’s locks on your windows. These things are frail and break easily. A burglar can disassemble a lock without breaking a sweat. If you can afford it, why not replace your windows with laminated glass or tempered glass which both have a stronger resistance to breakage. You may also install locking gates to your windows, or take the option of wired glass for basement windows.
Garage doors
Or secondary doors for that matter: backdoors, basement doors, patio doors made of glass, and sliding doors. These doors can be scary in the sense that these doors are doors taken for granted- not always given any attention, not always checked, underestimated. Burglars can easily sneak through these entry points without attracting attention. And that disrupts your idea of safety. Solution: You can put up a deadbolt and a peephole on the door between your house and the garage. And don’t postpone garage door maintenance. Once it gets broken, have it repaired immediately. If going on a vacation, make sure to padlock the latch or use a C-clamp on both sides of the track of the door. If your budget allows you, install glass break sensors that have audio frequency detectors made for your window’s protection. Best option for protection also includes investing in video surveillance technology which is very helpful not only in preventing home invasions and burglary but also in tracking down perpetrators.
No one is really safe these days. Make it a point to extend the efforts that you make to be safe. And we here at COCOGEN cares about your safety and the safety of your home and the people who live there - your family.
*** The author of this article contributed in their own personal capacity. The views expressed are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of COCOGEN Insurance.