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Safety precautions when you leave your home empty
February 15, 2021

Finding the time to travel is something we can all use once in a while, whether it’s to visit relatives over the weekend or out-of-town excursions during extended holidays. Although the journey ahead is something we look forward to, there’s also a feeling of uneasiness knowing that we are about to leave our homes empty and most of our valuables unattended for a couple of days. Houses are most vulnerable to accidents and crimes when they’re empty. Every homeowner (and home renter) knows that you can’t go on vacation without ensuring the security of your property. We unplug electronics, leave a spare key with a trusted friend or relative, or maybe even install extra locks before we leave. But what if, even after all of those safety precautions, someone still manages to break into your home? These days, it’s not enough to just lock up your doors and windows. Anything can happen at home while you’re away. Here’s what you can do before you leave the house to make sure it doesn’t appear like you’re enticing burglars drop by: Set up an alarm system and/or CCTV. It may not be the cheapest option, but having a home security system installed will help prevent would-be burglars from moving further into your home. It can also help identify criminals whether the heist was successful or not. Keep your valuables in a safe. Some assume that a securely locked home is a sufficient way to guard their possessions, but any cautious person knows that valuables are best kept in a combination safe. It’s also best that the safe isn’t in plain sight. Buy home insurance and understand its coverage. Not all home insurance plans are made equal. Make sure you read up on your benefits, and contact the company if you need any clarifications or wish to amend your plan for maximum security. Additionally, seemingly harmless actions, like posting on social media about your holiday, can increase the risk of a burglary. You’re basically announcing to the world that your house will be vacant, rendering your home vulnerable to break-ins. But before anything else, the task that you should prioritize is to secure your property with home theft insurance. And if you already have home insurance, double check your coverage indicated in the policy or call your agent. A well-rounded home insurance plan covers every kind of incident that may occur when you’re gone. Other than lost property due to theft, other aspects of your plan should protect you from: Damages from a natural disaster, such as flood or typhoon Water damage from leaks Damages from an electrical fire Personal liabilities that affect your neighbors and/or their properties Some home insurance plans are very limited in terms of what they cover, leaving out costs like personal liabilities where a third party is involved with the damages. Thankfully, Cocogen Home Excel Plus policyholders can rest easy as the plan takes into account any accidental injuries that may occur on your property, as well as unintentional damages to your neighbor’s property caused by a family member. The consequences of an uninsured home are far too great to ignore. In order for you to be worry-free from the beginning to the end of your holiday, don’t gamble on home insurance. A protected home and the listed safety precautions are necessary to enjoy every bit of your time off. And should anything happen while you’re gone, Cocogen Home Excel Plus will keep your property safe from harm. To know more about Cocogen Home Excel Plus, go to our website or contact us through our customer service hotline (02) 8830-6000 or through our email For direct product inquiries, visit this page and fill out the online form.
*** The views expressed are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cocogen Insurance.