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Seven Tips To Make International Travel Easier
December 10, 2020

J.R.R Tolkien once said, “Not all those who wander are lost.” The writer/poet couldn’t have said it any better. Sometimes people choose to wander to discover what else it out there, to explore their possibilities, and to check out the beauty that is this world. Traveling is a stress reliever. Experiencing a new environment can reduce stress and anxiety greatly that’s why it’s highly encouraged to spend some great deal of a person’s life on traveling.

While traveling itself tends to relieve the anxiety and stress, there are minor bumps and roadblocks that may be encountered along the way and it’s best to prepared for that. You don’t want surprises while you’re out enjoying the view from another land. Here are some tips to make your international travel easier.

1. Contact your doctor and insurance carrier
Talk to your doctor before making the trip and make sure that you have all the proper vaccinations and other prescriptions. It is also imperative to talk to your insurance provider and ask if your overseas trip is covered by your medical insurance. Also, you might want to consider other insurance policies that will give you maximum coverage while you’re traveling. See COCOGEN’s Travel Excel Plus, for instance.

2. Produce multiple copies of your passport
Passports get lost or stolen and as much as it’s nothing that you want to anticipate, you better be prepared for the worst case scenario. Making copies of your passport guarantees that you can get back to your country or at least be able to attest your citizenship. For added backup, leave a copy of your passport with someone you trust. You can also make an electronic copy that you can store in your email account, provided that you have secured your email with a strong password.

3. Make sure that your credit card will work in your country of destination
Some countries have updated their credit card technologies, as in the case of European countries. Take time to research about this, as you don’t want to go there and be helpless about it.

4. Visit the bank or any ATM branch in the country you’re visiting
This is one hack that you should be keeping in mind when you’re visiting another country. Conversion centers located within the airports or anywhere else in the city can charge you for so much more, and of course, you won’t have any choice. But now you do. Instead of going to conversion centers, head to any bank or any ATM branch. Conversion is exact and you won’t get charged with high fees.

5. Contact your bank and/or credit card provider
You may or may not have thought of this but calling your bank or credit card provider to inform them that you are out of the country (and please specify them the location) actually saves you a lot of trouble. Banks and other credit card carriers can and will turn off your card as a safety measure on the slightest hint of fraud — like transactions happening on the other side of the world you’re from. So take this tip and tell them that you’re traveling. It’ll be easier than getting your card shut down just when you’re about to buy that fabulous Louis Vitton bag.

6. Do some research on events that might be happening on your destination as you’re there
You’re traveling! Go out. Have fun. Sure you might have opted for the tour package. But also try to do things on your own while in another country. Look for fun and spontaneous things that you could do in the country you’re visiting, like festivals, celebrations and natural events. You may also want to research on your destination’s national dishes to try. It may take some strong will and appetite if you’re not so keen on eating food you’re not used to but it’ll still be an experience noteworthy of telling your friends, right?

7. Bring a charger adapter
Countries have different sized plugs and voltage requirements. Make sure you always have an adapter with you whenever you travel. This could be a lifesaver, especially when that iPhone is on a holding-on-for-life 3%.

Traveling is all about having fun and experiencing a world different from what you’re sued to. Don’t come unprepared. Take these nifty tips for a carefree travel experience.

The author of this article contributed in their own personal capacity. The views expressed are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of COCOGEN Insurance.